Joe Hancock comments on Huawei 5G decision

The National Security Council has given its verdict allowing Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to help build the UK’s 5G network with restrictions.

Joe Hancock, Partner and Head of MDR Cyber commented:

“The decision today is unsurprising. Allowing Huawei into the UK 5G rollout in a managed manner is the pragmatic option. The UK government was really left with no other choice but to try and manage the risks Huawei technology may bring against the economic benefits of a fast and cost effective rollout.

The key now will be to ensure that the lines between sensitive parts of the 5G network, at its core and the less sensitive edge components don’t get blurred. We are likely to see more scrutiny of Huawei in coming years in this regard.”

Ahead of the decision Joe featured on BBC News Channel discussing the implications.

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